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ASGW 2020 Conference January 30 - February 1

Groups Work: Illuminating Trails of Hope After the Storm

Grupos: Iluminando senderos de esperanza tras la tormenta

Support Puerto Rican Counselors and Groupworkers.

ASGW Special Initiatives Committee Service Day Announcement

At ASGW 2020 Conference


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As the official publication of  ASGW, The Journal for Specialists in Group Work (JSGW) is an indispensable resource for both practitioners and educators working with groups in clinical, organizational, educational and community settings. 



Register now for the ASGW  biennial conference to be held Jan 30 - Feb 1, 2020, at the Embassy Suites Dorado del Mar Beach Resort in Puerto Rico. Join us to enrich your skills while also meeting the ethic of serving our community by helping Puerto Rico recover in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane. 

Group work is our passion.


The Association for Specialists in Group Work—a division of the American Counseling Association—exists so that members and other helping professionals are empowered with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to practice effective, socially just, and ethical group work in a diverse and global society. We value the creation of community; service to our members, their clients, and the profession; and group leadership as a process to facilitate the growth and development of individuals and groups.

Fulfilling our mission will result in the following OUTCOMES benefiting ASGW members and the profession of group work:

  1. Members experience a vibrant, caring, and diverse community.

  2. Research relevant to group work is systematically supported and disseminated.

  3. ASGW professional standards exist, continue to evolve, and guide group work.

  4. Helping professionals practice evidence-based and innovative group work models.

  5. Group work professionals benefit from opportunities and resources for training, practice, and professional growth.

  6. The principles of multiculturalism, social justice, and global perspectives permeate all group work.


Take sometime to get to know us, explore our resources, and then join our group.