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Types of Membership

ASGW membership categories include Professional, Regular, New Professional, Student, and Retired. ACA membership is not required for membership in ASGW, but it does require an additional fee paid to ACA for membership processing. Click the button below to link to the American Counseling Association for membership information and processing.


Professional: Professional members hold a graduate degree in counseling or a closely related field and are engaged in the teaching, practice, or research of group work. Professional members have all rights and benefits of membership in ASGW.

$50 ASGW only ($40 + $10 ACA processing fee) or $225 ASGW + ACA

Regular: Regular members are members who have an interest in group work, including related professional groups such as social work, psychology, and counselors from countries other than the United States. Regular members have all rights and benefits of membership in ASGW, except holding elective office.

$50 ASGW only ($40 + $10 ACA processing fee) or $225 ASGW + ACA

New Professional: A New Professional is someone who has graduated with a masters or a doctorate within the past 12 months. Status is good for two years.

$37 ASGW only ($27 + $10 ACA processing fee) or $129 ASGW + ACA

Student: Student members are persons who are actively enrolled in a graduate program and studying group work. Student members have all rights and benefits of membership in ASGW, except holding elective office.

$37 ASGW only ($27 + $10 ACA processing fee) or $129 ASGW + ACA

Retired: Members who are retired from the counseling profession and have been active ACA and ASGW members for the past 5 consecutive years.

$37 ASGW only ($27 + $10 ACA processing fee) or $129 ASGW + ACA

Group work…is our passion.

The Association for Specialists in Group Work—a division of the American Counseling Association—exists so that members and other helping professionals are empowered with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to practice effective, socially just, and ethical group work in a diverse and global society. We value the creation of community; service to our members, their clients, and the profession; and group leadership as a process to facilitate the growth and development of individuals and groups.


Fulfilling our mission will result in the following OUTCOMES benefiting ASGW members and the profession of group work:

  • Members experience a vibrant, caring, and diverse community.

  • Research relevant to group work is systematically supported and disseminated.

  • ASGW professional standards exist, continue to evolve, and guide group work.

  • Helping professionals practice evidence-based and innovative group work models.

  • Group work professionals benefit from opportunities and resources for training, practice, and professional growth.

  • The principles of multiculturalism, social justice, and global perspectives permeate all group work.


Take some time to get to know us, explore our resources, and then join our group.


Who Joins ASGW?

Members include counselors and other professionals who are interested in and specialize in group work, and who value the creation of community and the provision of group service to members, their clients, and the profession of counseling. Membership is for persons who use group leadership as a process to facilitate the growth and development of people and organizations. Settings include mental health agencies, schools, community organizations, colleges, and hospitals. 


Benefits of Joining ASGW

  • Journal for Specialists in Group Work (JSGW), a quarterly journal that publishes research and practical and innovative articles of relevance to group practitioners.

  • Participation at member rates for ASGW group training events conducted in regional areas across the country. ASGW workshop coordinators work with local sponsors to offer a variety of group training workshops that provide attractive opportunities for continued professional development.

  • Lower Member pricing on group resources (books, DVDs, group products)

  • Instant access to all issues of JSGW, the Group Worker, and Group Practice Ideas through the Member Only Login

  • Access to group resources by ASGW and ASGW members

  • Ability to post announcements of group related publications, resources, and meetings on ASGW listserv and website.

  • Local support through state and regional organizations for specialists in group work.

  • Members-only website.


Phone      703-823-9800 x222
                  800-347-6647 x222
                  M–F, 8 am – 6 pm, ET


Mail          Application and payment to:
                  American Counseling Association
                  Attn: Accounting
                  6101 Stevenson Avenue, Suite 600

                  Alexandria, VA 22304

Steps to ASGW membership.

  1. You will need to click the button above.

  2. You will need to sign up to use the ACA page (or sign in).

  3. Then, click the "Membership" button.

  4. Hover your mouse over "Join/Reinstate Today."

  5. Then, click "Membership Application."

  6. At the bottom of the application page, choose one of the division only options.

  7. Click "Save & Proceed," and follow the instructions from there.


NOTE: You do NOT need to be an ACA member to join ASGW.

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