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“Group Work in Career Development”

Journal for Specialists in Group Work



The Journal for Specialists in Group Work invites articles for a Special Issue on Group Work in Career Development. The Journal for Specialists in Group Work has never published a special issue focused on this topic. In addition, little attention has been focused on group work in career development in the literature. At a time when demand for career development services is increasing and client groups diversifying, the potential of group work to provide practitioners with innovative interventions warrants careful consideration. It is timely, therefore, that greater attention is focused on the application of group work in career development. The purpose of this special issue is to collate a corpus of material on group work in career development that will serve as a future resource for the field and to set a future agenda for research. Authors are asked to contribute both conceptual and empirical articles that address the use of group work in career development. Research may employ quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods.

In addition to the primary focus of manuscripts on group work in career development, authors could also consider a secondary focus such as client groups (e.g., women, adolescents, people with migrant and refugee backgrounds) and settings (e.g., schools, universities, public employment services, private practice) where the use of group work could be appropriate.

If you are interested in authoring a manuscript for the special issue, please submit research or conceptual full-length articles that include title, author(s), abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion and implications into the Manuscript Central Submission Portal for JSGW (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/usgw). Following submission and endorsement from the special issue editors, manuscripts will undergo a blind peer review process.
The first drafts of manuscripts are due to the Special Issue Editors by 30 September 2019. For additional information or questions, please contact the Special Issue Editors: Mary McMahon, The University of Queensland, Australia (marylmcmahon@uq.edu.au) or Mark Watson, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa (mark.watson@mandela.ac.za).

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ASGW is pleased to share the new publication, Ten Strategies to  Intentionally Use Group Work to Transform Hate, Facilitate Courageous  Conversations, and Enhance Community Building  

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