Branch News

Pennsylvania. PASGW, under the leadership of Matthew Nice, is branching out across the state by partnering with the Greater Pittsburg CA and the Greater Philadelphia CA to co-sponsor events on group work. Interested group workers can contact Matt at

Colorado. Bogusia Skudrzyk and colleagues have been working diligently to begin a branch in Colorado. Colorado CA has approved the branch, and plans are near completion. Group workers wanting to become involved should contact Bogusia at

Virginia. Virginia ASGW continues to plan its annual conference on group work, which is widely attended by Virginia counselors from across the state. Virginia was given the 2017 Outstanding Branch Award at the Savannah Conference. Group workers interested in the Virginia ASGW conference can visit their web site or contact Terri Mason at

Alabama. ALASGW is offering a Spring Workshop on “The Use of Creative Arts in Groups”, and “Ethical Issues in Group Work”. Carrie Hemmings, President of ALASGW, is working on a book on the use of creative arts in groups, and will share her experiences and ideas in the workshop. Interested counselors should contact her at

New Changes in the ASGW Branch Committee

New Leadership and Organization. The ASGW Branch Committee will now be a part of the Membership Committee, and the Chair of the Branch Committee is now Carrie Hemmings, who has served on the committee with Carolyn Thomas. Carrie is familiar with the branch leaders and the work required for the committee. She has also been active for years in the Alabama branch, and currently serves as its President. Branch leaders should send activities, newsletters, and changes in leadership to Carrie at, or 334/244-3399. Group workers who want to start branches in their state, should  also contact Carrie for procedures.

New Name for the Award. The Outstanding ASGW Branch Award was changed to the M. Carolyn Thomas Branch Award at the Savannah Conference. Carolyn has worked with branches for more than a decade, and reports it has been her most rewarding ASGW and professional involvement of her forty five years of group work. She will remain involved.


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