Recognizing the Contributions of Group Work Professionals

ASGW Call for Awards 2020​- Due December 1

The Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) will be hosting their bi-annual conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, January 30- February 1st. During the conference, The ASGW will honor counseling professionals that have contributed to the area of group work. In order to recognize these key constituents, ASGW needs your assistance in recognizing and honoring these individuals. The following awards are seeking nominations:


  • Group Work Practice Award

  • Eminent Career Award and Professional Advancement Award

  • ASGW Peg Carroll Scholarship

  • Barbara Gazda Scholarship

  • Carolyn Thomas Outstanding Branch Award

  • The Rex Stockton Scholarship

  • The Al Dye Award


Download Full Details and Instructions to Apply for the ASGW 2020 Awards here. Submit award nominations and attachments to Kara Ieva at All Applications must be received by December 1, 2019. Recipients must be (or become) members of ASGW.


Purpose: The purpose of this call for proposals is to fund studies that increase understanding of group work.  Two grants up to $1,000 each will be awarded for research projects that meet the criteria listed below. Projects must address the focus areas of group leadership, group membership, group processes, or training and supervision in group work practice. Projects may address any of the four group work types (i.e., task, psychoeducational, counseling, or therapy). 

Who May Apply: The competition is open to both professional and student members of ASGW. Student researchers are especially encouraged to apply. Individuals may submit (or be a member of a submission team) for only one proposal. 

Grant Award Period:  1 year (January 1st, 2020-December, 31st, 2020) 

Deadline for Proposal Submission:  The deadline for proposal submission is September 9th, 2019. Funding decisions will be made in October, and applicants will be notified of their funding status by November 1st, 2019.  Award recipients will be officially recognized at the ASGW Biannual Conference in Dorado del Mar, Puerto Rico scheduled for January 30th-February 2nd, 2020. Recipient(s) are encouraged to be present to accept their award(s) at the ASGW Biannual Conference. 


To Download the Complete Instruction packet including the Proposal Submission Instructions, Proposal Format, Proposal Outline, Evaluation Criteria, Award Terms CLICK HERE


Requests for further information should be directed to ASGW Research Committee Chair, Dr. Katy Schroeder


Awarded at ACA Conference #NOLA at Members Meeting- Thursday March 28

ASGW Member Recognition

Our members are engaged in innovative and groundbreaking work on local, regional, national, and international levels and we are excited to recognize this work through awards and scholarships. We recognize their leadership in the areas of group work research, practice, and teaching. Take a moment to scroll down to meet some of those leaders in our profession and also find opportunities to recognize the next generation of group work innovators.


Looking for some inspiration?

Just look in the mirror! You can also click the buttons below to read past issues of the Group Worker that profile past award recipients and find the growing list of our ASGW Fellows.



Peg Carroll Scholarship:Raven Cokley
Barbara Gazda Award:Matthew Nice
Barbara Gazda Award:Staci Tessmer
ASGW Research Award:Dr.Isaac Burt
ASGW Practice Award:Scott Giacomucci
Outstanding JSGW Article:Oh et al.
Presidential Award:Dr.José Villalba
Past-President Award:Dr.Chris Bhat
Prof Advancement Award:Dr.Sam Steen
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All Award Recipients
Service To ASGW:Dr.Theresa Coogan
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ASGW Research Award:Sarah Springer, Lauren Moss, Daniel Cinotti, and Christy Land

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