Executive Board

Amy Nitza

Christine Suniti Bhat


Kim Asner-Self

Stephanie Eberts

Theresa Coogan

Niloufer Merchant
ACA Governing Council Rep

Rachel Vannatta
Group Worker Editor

Lorraine Guth
Process Observer


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ACA Annual Conference Arrangements

ASGW Historian
Carolyn Thomas

ASGW National Conference Planning
Kerrie Fineran & Carrie Vanmeter

Ana Puig & Angela Coker

Professional Standards
Maria Riva & Mark Newmeyer


Carolyn Thomas

Vicky Bartles

Maria Riva

Graduate Student & New Professional
Jonathan J. Orr

Professional Development
Kara Ieva

John Kiweewa & Daniel Stroud

Human Rights & Diversity
Julia Champe

International Group Work
Yesim Saatci

Stephanie Eberts

Lynn Boyd & Allison Spargo

Tina Sacin

Nominations & Elections
Kim Asner-Self


The Group Worker Newsletter Editor
(2year term; second term ends 6/30/2018)
Rachel Vannatta

Listserve Moderator
Stephanie Eberts



JSGW Editor    
(3year term; second term ends 6/30/2017)
Christopher J. McCarthy

JSGW Associate Editor                        
(3year term; term ends 6/30/2017)
José A.Villalba

JSGW Editorial Assistant   
(Appointed by Editor)
Lia D. Falco

Past Presidents of ASGW

1999-2000         Arthur M. Horne

2000-2001         Linda Keel

2001-2002         Lynn Rapin

2002-2003         Rod Merta

2003-2004         George Leddick

2004-2005         James Trotzer

2005-2006         M. Carolyn Thomas

2006-2007         Maria Riva

2007-2008         Janice DeLucia

2008-2009         Lenoir Gillam

2009-2010         Don Ward

2010-2011         Bogusia Skudrzyk

2011-2012         Niloufer Merchant

2012-2013         Rebecca Schumacher

2013-2014         Alicia Homrich

2014-2015         Jonathan Orr

2015-2016         Kim Asner-Self

1973-1975         George M. Gazda

1975-1976         Jack A. Duncan

1976-1977         Clarence A. Mahler

1977-1978         Merle M. Ohlsen

1978-1979         John Vriend

1979-1980         H. Allan Dye

1980-1981         Walter Lifton

1981-1982         James Gumaer

1982-1983        Rex Stockton

1983-1984        Marguerite R. Carroll

1984-1985        James Beck

1985-1986        Glen R. Martin

1986-1987        James V. Wigtil

1987-1988        Richard L. Hayes

1988-1989        Diana Hulse

1989-1990        Fannie R. Cooley

1990-1991        E.W. Christensen

1991-1992        Rosemarie Smead

1992-1993        Chuck Kormanski

1993-1994        Samuel T. Gladding

1994-1995        Bree A. Hayes

1995-1996        Robert K. Conyne

1996-1997        Beverly M. Brown

1997-1998        A. Michael Hutchins

1998-1999       Jeremiah Donigian