Pitch your ideas for new group-related products

We want to facilitate your ideas for group resources. ASGW is committed to the development of new products that will aid group workers, such as books, resources, DVDs, and professional development workshops. Check out our website store for the books and DVDs already available from ASGW as examples of possible projects.

What are we looking for?

From time to time, we will issue special calls for products and that information will appear on this page. In general, Training DVDs and activity books are the highest priority along with resource books on the specific topics of group work.

What's in it for you?

Besides the esteem of your colleagues, peers, students, clients, family, friends, and pets, authors will receive a $500 stipend and 5 copies free; additional copies at ½ price. Activity contributors get a book(s) at ½ price.

How do I submit proposals?

In order to facilitate the evaluation process, you must submit a detailed proposal. All materials need to be submitted to asgwexd@gmail.com. Your proposal should include the following items:

  1. Type of product.
  2. A rationale for why this product will be of use to group workers.
  3. Purpose.
  4. A table of contents or outline with chapter-by-chapter description, which describes in detail the material contained in each chapter.
  5. Intended target audience(s).
  6. Competing publications in the field and how your product is different.
  7. Estimate of page or time length.
  8. Process and timeline for creation (if an edited work or includes other people).
  9. Detailed Budget
  10. Whether it is under consideration by other publishing outlets at this point.
  11. Date of completion.
  12. A current curriculum vita.
  13. Any other information or material you feel would be helpful.

How are proposals reviewed?

Each proposal received by ASGW goes through a review process. The steps in this process are outlined below.

  1. Proposals are received and evaluated by the ASGW Media Committee. If the project is not appropriate for ASGW, authors will be informed at this point.
  2. If the proposal is deemed of interest to the ASGW audience, it will be brought before the ASGW Executive Board for a vote at the next scheduled meeting. Meetings are held two to three times a year: ASGW Board Meeting in September, ASGW Conference in February (every other year), and ACA Conference. Proposals may not be approved by the ASGW Executive Board or a revision may be requested.
  3. Upon ASGW approval of the project, the author is issued a contract. The author is required to produce a complete first and final draft by a specified date.